Diversity in Gaming

At Pixelberry, we’ve always strived to have a diverse cast in our stories that reflects the real world - whether it’s based on ethnicity or sexuality. This has always been important to us, especially since many of us have faced discrimination simply for being ourselves. Hopefully, from playing our stories, like “The Freshman”, you can tell from both the romantic interests and friends in the story that diversity is important to us.

But recently, we failed you. We launched “The Freshman”, with 4 different skin tones that you could choose for your character. We tried to provide a wide range of skin tones, but we didn't succeed in doing that. We’ve had African American and other people of color tell us that they weren’t represented. We messed up and we are very sorry.

In order to correct that, we just launched new skin tones in “The Freshman.” Looking at the side by side comparisons of the new and old skin tones, it’s obvious that our initial range of skintones was too limited.

Step by step we are learning on this journey with you. We truly appreciate your feedback, and our entire team is working hard to make stories that we hope will make you laugh, make you cry, or make you fall in love--but we never want them to make you feel excluded. We hope you'll keep letting us know how we're doing so we can keep making Choices better and better for all of our players.

Oliver and the Pixelberry Team