What an election. Half of America woke up elated, the other half very sad, and around the world people are processing what happened.  It’s clear that America, like much of the world, remains very divided. One of our team’s goals with Choices has always been to create greater empathy for those people and values we don’t always understand, regardless if you’re conservative, liberal, or in-between. We hope that our game will play a role, no matter how small, in creating more empathy across the globe.

Separately, I’ve recently lost someone important to me. It’s been hard. But in that sorrow, I’ve seen the power of games first hand. Games can be more than just entertainment. Games can bring people together, bridge generations, bring smiles amid tragedy, and in their own way they can heal.

Line by line and chapter by chapter, our team hopes to build stories that sometimes will be frivolous or simply fun, but at other times will have meaning, will have an impact, and will be greater because of the understanding they create. Thank you for being a part of our journey so far and we hope you continue to join us in making this happen.


One of Pixelberry’s founders