Completing the circle

I'm always super excited when we add new people to the Pixelberry team. But at the risk of offending our other new hires, I have to admit that I was extra excited for the addition of one of our newest writers: Wendy!

Why? Because she’s one of you! She was a Pixelberry fan before she became a writer for us! It was so exciting to learn that Wendy has been playing High School Story since our launch in 2013. Like many of our most passionate fans, she was initially skeptical that High School Story would be a fun game, but once she started playing, she realized the story was deeper than she thought. And by the time she got to references about Firefly (a favorite Pixelberry show), she was sold on our games.

Fast forward three years to when Wendy started looking for a job and saw that Pixelberry was hiring. She happened to apply right before we launched Choices and by the time of her interview, she was already a fan of The Freshman. She quickly accepted our job offer and moved all the way from Washington D.C. to the San Francisco Bay Area to join our team. And now she’s a writer on The Freshman, including this week’s holiday special!

If like Wendy, you have a passion for writing, are willing to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area, and want to complete the circle, we are looking for more writers and would love to hire more fans. You can learn more at our website.

Spinning in circles of joy,