Pixelberry's Holiday Snafus & Warm Wishes

Earlier this week we launched our new Choices update on Wednesday, but did not launch this week’s new chapters until Thursday. It turned out that there were more problems with The Freshman Book 3 than we were expecting and it held up all the chapters.

In general, we try to launch new chapters every Wednesday and we know that’s many of your expectations, too. But there have been a few days when our launches have slipped back to a Thursday. We apologize for that. Even though we’ve hired new Quality Assurance testers and writers, moving to supporting chapters for 4-5 series a week has been pushing our capabilities. We’re really trying as hard as we can. But it’s more important for us to ship new chapters with as few bugs as possible. We do try to let players know on Facebook or Twitter as soon as we know the DLC is delayed.

Unfortunately, we will also be delaying the premiere of The Haunting of Braidwood Manor one week from December 28 to hopefully January 5. I just played a new build of it and it definitely has a more suspenseful feel to it than our other stories. When you play it, I hope you will think it was worth the wait! 

While some of our team has been traveling this week across the country, a majority of our team was still in the office today - enjoying a holiday lunch together and working hard on getting new chapters ready for release next week. It might be the holidays, but we wanted to make sure new chapters are there for you, especially for those who may need a pick-me-up or escape during this time of year. 

Happy holidays! Whether you’re with family or friends or on your own this holiday season, we hope it will be a time of peace, joy, comfort, and fun!

Oliver & the Pixelberry Carolers