Teaming Up

For the past year, we’ve been trying to grow Pixelberry as fast as we can while improving the quality of our storytelling. But by putting new stories first, there are a lot of things we want to do that we haven’t gotten to yet, like sequels to some of our one-book series, more ways to earn diamonds, or trying new genres.

While we’ve been growing, we’ve had a lot of different companies approach us about partnering. But we’ve wanted to make sure that if we did join with someone, it would be with a company who shared our long term vision for making Choices a long-lasting home for mobile fiction. We think we’ve found that partner. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be teaming up with Nexon. 

They will provide us with additional resources to help us grow faster. Although not everyone is familiar with Nexon yet, we have a ton of fans of their game, MapleStory. In fact one of the things that really impressed us about Nexon is that MapleStory is still successful 12 years after it was launched in 2005. That’s also the same year in which our team launched our first story game, Surviving High School. We love that Nexon is serious about a long lasting approach to their games, and that they want to help us grow Choices into a long term app.

At the same time, Nexon realizes that no team has as much experience writing mobile story games as we do, so they will let us run independently and still be Pixelberry. We’ll be the same wacky, nerdy, and occasionally hip team, with the same writers, artists, engineers, QA, marketing, data, and player specialists, all making sure we continue to tell the stories of intriguing characters.

The biggest change from teaming up will be that we’ll have more resources to expand faster. And over time, we hope to leverage Nexon’s global experience to spread our games to more people around the world. 

We hope you are as excited as we are to partner with a company that wants to help us grow for the long term. 

The one other change we’d like to announce today is a new Pixelberry logo. It’s based off our old logo, but adds in some more Pixelberry personality. Sharp eyed players might have seen early versions of this on the Pixelbaby onesies we give out to the youngest members of our Pixelberry family.

With Nexon’s support, we look forward to giving out many more of these onesies far into the future.

With Pixelberry love,


Level 10 Nerd

CEO, Pixelberry Studios

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