Desire & Decorum: Book 2

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Desire & Decorum: Book 2 is out now in Choices! If you haven't read it yet, definitely do that when you get the chance. But if you're all caught up, you're in the right place! Read on for our behind-the-scenes look at Book 2:

Now that Book 2 has made its debut, let's hear more about it! What's in store for readers?

Rachel: I mean, what’s not in store for Book 2? I can sum up this book in 5 emojis, and believe me, it’s epic. I remember talking to one of our co-workers about D&D 2’s plot just with those five, and getting an “OMG really?!" reaction. There’s something for everyone in Book 2: courting, action, secrets, royalty, and even some steamy ankle flashing. Make sure you're near a fainting couch!

Will there be more of desire or decorum in this particular book?

Meagan: I would say there's a bit more desire in this one ;)

Ali: We've ramped up the desire side of this book for sure, but ultimately it's up to you! There are still loads of opportunities to exercise your decorum.

What are you most looking forward to our readers encountering?

Rachel: There’s one moment that really stands out in my mind. We’ve had the idea for it since Book 1, but with the way Book 2’s twists and turns go, we were finally able to make it a reality. And shoutout to our amazing art team! Readers are in for some seriously brilliant, fantastic, drop-dead gorgeous art this time around.

Ali: I'm looking forward to readers learning more about the main cast. We've got some fun group scenes in this book that I'm really excited for people to play! Did I mention Book 2 has a mystery element to it? I'm honestly looking forward to our readers encountering, well, everything!

Book 1 of Desire & Decorum involved a herculean amount of research. Was Book 2 smoother sailing?

Rachel: Oh, most definitely. Book 1 was establishing this entire setting! That’s not to say that Book 2 hasn’t involved a lot of research (because it has), but the focus has been in different areas. For example, I didn’t need to study up as much on Regency dinner habits this time around, but I did have to research quite a bit on the Queen of England.

Some of the most interesting things I’ve researched for this book were family crests and coats of arms. Every piece of a family crest means something very specific. If you look at our cover, you can see a small piece of the Edgewater Coat of Arms, but every detail, from the color to the chevron to the animals on either side, were put there for a specific reason. I’ll let you all figure out what everything means...

Meagan: We've certainly learned a lot in the process of writing Book 2! As one example, an early version of croquet called pall-mall used to be so popular that there were streets in many cities devoted to it. When it declined in popularity, many of the streets were repurposed into shopping centers and parks. This is where the word "mall" comes from, both for shopping malls and in instances like The National Mall in Washington D.C. -- the more you know!

Who's your all-time favorite Jane Austen heroine?

Meagan: Call me a cliche, but I have to go with Lizzy Bennet.

Ali: Emma is my all-time favorite Jane Austen heroine! I love how much of a spunky meddler she is.

Rachel: I actually really like Jane Bennet from Pride & Prejudice! I can definitely relate to her, and she has a level-headedness that I admire. Plus, Mr. Bingley is sweet and so smitten with Jane almost immediately -- I think they're an adorable pair!

For those reading along, thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for the big finale of The Senior later this week, and more Choices books to come in 2019. And if you've got questions, comments, or feedback, definitely reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or within the Choices app! We're looking forward to hearing from you!