The Heist: Monaco

Case the joint, assemble a crew, and make off with the score of a lifetime... all in The Heist: Monaco! Now before the book launches next week, let's hear from the intrepid crew of writers behind our newest Choices book:

Without sharing the blueprint of the whole book, tell us a little about The Heist: Monaco!

Owen: The Heist: Monaco is our take on a classic heist-style caper! You play as a master thief preparing for one big job, but along the way, you're going to assemble a crew of specialists from a really fun cast of characters. It's slick, fast-paced, and a ton of fun.

What goes into assembling a crew? (And, ahem, can we date anyone in our heist crew?)

Owen:  A lot of planning! You're gonna travel around the world meeting cool, ridiculous, badass criminals, and then decide which of them gets to be on your team.

Iris: Each potential crew member you'll meet has a specific skillset as well as a unique personality, and whoever you choose will be with you for the rest of the book... so don't be surprised if you find yourself agonizing over who to pick! Good news is, you can always play it again with a completely different group of characters. As for the second question... we're all thinking it, so I'll just say it: Being a criminal mastermind is sexy. Safe to say, some members of your heist crew will think so too!

Jen: A lot goes into pulling off the crime of the century. You need someone who's good at distraction, someone with some serious sleight-of-hand skills, and obviously an awesome getaway driver. As the leader of a crew, you'll get to hand-pick people for these roles. And clearly, when things get tense, romance can happen in the heat of the moment...

What was it like brainstorming this book and, of course, planning a whole heist in the process?

Owen: A lot of maps, charts, devious scheming, and brainstorming fun character voices. Also a lot of coffee, but that was mostly me.

Jen: It was kind of intense at first. There's a lot of moving pieces to manage, but I'm proud of what we've come up with!

Iris: The early brainstorms really gave me a new appreciation for how much planning goes into a heist! Many diagrams were scribbled on whiteboards. But my favorite part was thinking about how different crew members will banter with each other in fun, personality-clashing ways.

If you were recruited to pull off a heist, what role do you think you'd play?

Owen: I'd probably be some sort of wisecracking thief who is largely comic relief until one unexpected clutch moment in the end where he pickpockets the pope's car keys or something.

Iris: I think I'd be a hacker. That way, I could keep out of danger and hang out in front of a computer screen from some remote location, probably eating candy bars, guzzling caffeinated drinks, and listening to pop songs that help me get in the 'zone'. Which, come to think of it, doesn't sound too different from my current daily life.

Jen: I'd probably be a grifter-type that distracts the authorities while the real cons slip in. Knowing my luck, I would probably make a huge mistake, but somehow I'd still end up successful. Just not the way I intended.

Any final tips for players about to pull off the ultimate heist?

Owen: TRY AGAIN. Seriously. Play it a second time with a completely different crew, and see the different interactions and conversations you unlock. Or... play it again and do poorly. We've planned MULTIPLE endings, so go see what trouble your characters get into if your plans go awry...

Iris: Every good heist involves some reckless improvisation, so remember to enjoy the journey and take risks along the way! Sure, the heaps of riches you can get are a plus... but honestly it's just so fun getting into trouble with a group of quirky criminals.

Jen: Just try to remain calm under pressure! There's a lot of tense moments in here with some quick decision making. If you keep a cool head, and focus on the job, you'll make off with the score, no problem!

Get ready to scheme and steal your way to the top in The Heist: Monaco, launching next week! What books did you love in 2018? Are you liking the new Choices update? We want to hear from YOU! And thank you for playing!