Perfect Match: Book 2

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Perfect Match returns tomorrow with more romance and adventure than ever before! Book 2 takes the story of Perfect Match to the next level as you face down danger, travel the world, and explore what love means to you. But first, let's talk to the writing team! Make sure you're all caught up on Book 1...

Book 1 ended on a major cliffhanger. What's the story with Perfect Match: Book 2? Will all our questions be answered?

Coco: The stakes are definitely higher in Book 2! You'll peek behind the veil of Eros and learn what they have in store... but they'll always have more secrets! We hope to provide another globetrotting adventure, in which you'll also get to deepen your friendships and relationships. Life on the run can take its toll, and it'll be important for you and your companions to carve out moments of normalcy and connection.

This sequel definitely builds on Book 1. What are you personally most excited about in this book? 

Coco: I'm so excited for you to learn more about our more mysterious characters, such as Alana and Cecile. The origin and early days of Eros are also very intriguing! We've got some sequences and flashbacks that are rather dreamlike, and I can't wait for players to encounter these moments.

Taylor: The stakes are higher than ever in Book 2, but honestly, the parts I’m most excited about are the quieter moments -- the ones where we really get to see how everyone is dealing with what’s been happening in their own way. There’s a lot of growth and healing in this book, and those gentler moments are some of my favorites.

Will we meet anyone new in Book 2? See any familiar faces?

Natasha: Yes and yes! We'll be delving deeper into Rowan and Cecile's backstories, and a few familiar faces will come to your rescue. Plus, someone else will be playing a bigger role...

Taylor: There's a bunch of new characters too, which we’re really excited about! Some will be friends, and some will be foes.

Coco: And there may or may not be a very, very cute robot pet companion!

Perfect Match: Book 1 delved into the theme of identity and what it means to be, well, you. Will Book 2 explore these themes more?

Natasha: Definitely. I think someone's identity is made of different facets: your ideology, where you're from, your family, how you express yourself, your interests. We'll touch base with all of these aspects for Damien, Sloane, Hayden… even Nadia!

Jaylee: We delve more into each character's past and where they come from in this book -- how important it is to connect with your own personal history, and how much that informs who you are in the future. Even with Hayden, we get to learn more about the history of the Matches and how they came to be the way they are, and what parts of that history Hayden wants to keep as part of themselves.

What was the brainstorming process like for Book 2? How did you decide what direction to go with this book?

Coco: The brainstorming process for Perfect Match is pretty unique because our writing team is spread all over the globe! Australia, Indonesia, Kansas, and California... We like to joke that we have writers working from the future. Because of the geographical distance, having the time to regroup and brainstorm all together as a team is really special. (We may even use our writer's experience and expertise to visit Indonesia later on in the book!) In terms of direction, we knew that we wanted to lean into the adventure and mystery of Perfect Match, while still keeping the themes of romance and identity at the heart of the book.

Last, but not least, what’s your Perfect Match type?

Taylor: My Perfect Match is the ‘Best Friend’ -- outgoing, sweet, humorous, and impulsive.

Jaylee: Artist! Which is a little ironic, given how the Matches feel about art...

Natasha: Diplomat, which I thought was the most appealing out of all the Matches before taking the quiz. So... yay Eros?

Coco: I got Executive, but I also know how the quiz works, so it's hard to take it objectively! Maybe I cheated to get the result I wanted... But now I think I like the Joker more, so I think you and your Perfect Match type are always evolving!

There you have it! Who's your Perfect Match? What books are you looking forward to playing this fall? Share with us! And stay tuned for The Senior, Big Sky Country, It Lives, High School Story, and much, much more! Thanks for reading!