America's Most Eligible: Book 2

Jan 15th AME sneak peek .png

Calling all stars to the set! The premiere of America’s Most Eligible: Book 2 is almost here! Do you have what it takes to win hearts in the new season? Before you step in front of the camera, here's a sneak peek of what's in store:

It's time for the All-Stars edition of America's Most Eligible! What’s new in Book 2?

Cat: This season of America's Most Eligible, everything has changed! Not only are we introducing a ton of great new characters, but we're also raising the stakes higher than ever before. Don't worry, though. With big risks come even bigger rewards!

How did you decide the direction that Book 2 would take? Is there anything in this round that you're extra excited for players to encounter?

Cat: We knew we wanted to mix things up as much as possible, while holding onto the things readers loved about Book 1. Keep an eye out for a brand-new Confessional persona! We've got a lot of really fun Challenges in store, and some new art that is going to take your breath away.

Kelsie: I'm excited for everyone to meet our cast of characters... including the devious antagonists you'll be competing against! You'll also have the opportunity to play into your Confessional persona more often, both on and off-camera.

Bre’Anna: The other All-Stars are a great group of competitors, and you might even find a new fave! Book 2 also dives into who the characters are when they're affected by factors outside of the show. You'll see uber-tough Mack get in touch with her sensitive side, buttoned-up Adam lose his cool, and you'll even get some backstory on a certain producer extraordinaire.

Who out of the new cast of characters is your favorite?

Olivia: Since this is the All-Star season, you'll be meeting people from very different seasons and different walks of life. Without spoiling anything, one of the most veteran contestants is a... truly unique experience, and I love him for it.

Cat: Kiana, hands down. She's cute, fun, and super down-to-earth! I wish I could be friends with her IRL.

Kelsie: I adore everyone in our new cast, but the standout for me has to be my guy, Ronan. The Most Interesting Man in the World has nothing on him.

Bre’Anna: Eden is my girl. She's the cool, older sister type who'll make your parents proud, but still let you borrow stuff from her closet.

If you were on reality TV, would you play to win? Or would you go for winning over people's hearts?

Cat: I'd like to think I'd play to win, but I'm the kind of person who can't choose mean options in a video game without feeling guilty about it later. Though, I guess if I'm competing for half a million dollars... anything's possible!

Kelsie: As all reality TV legends know, this isn't a best friend competition! Therefore... I’d 100% go for the win and that prize money, and nobody would be able to stop me.

Elizabeth: I'd go for winning over people's hearts, at least at first, just to get everyone's guard down. Then, once everyone voted off the obvious villains and took out my competition, I'd let my true drama queen self emerge.

Bre’Anna: If I were on reality TV, I'd be there for a good time, not a long time. Expect some drama, some shade, and a ton of post-season IG sponsorships.

Any words of advice for readers about to enter the cutthroat world of reality TV?

Cat: If you're playing it safe, you're not playing to win.

Olivia: Keep your friends close, and your enemies... actually, no, don't keep those close. Just send 'em to the Jury House.

Bre’Anna: Remember Mackenzie's mantra: "I'm not here to make friends."

Kelsie: Don’t be afraid to get a little outrageous. This is TV, after all!

You heard it here first! Check out America's Most Eligible: Book 2, available now! Don't forget to look out for more sneak peeks of Ride-or-die: A Bad Boy Romance. And later this year, get ready to make life-or-death decisions, encounter the supernatural, travel the world, and much, much more!