A Courtesan of Rome Hiatus

A Courtesan of Rome is going on hiatus as the team gears up for an epic conclusion to your adventures in Ancient Rome! The book will resume in late spring. When we return:

acor 0.png

Use your wiles to gain the trust of Caesar and Cleopatra...

acor 1.png

Learn what has become of your long-lost brother... And work with your parents and Cassius to mastermind the plan to assassinate Julius Caesar!

Will you stay in Rome, or return to Gaul to rebuild your tribe? And who will be at your side when the Republic falls? Find out next time on A Courtesan of Rome!

We'll be posting more sneak peeks and news later on, so keep an eye out. And thank you for bearing with us as we take time to work on the next few chapters. We don't make these book hiatus decisions lightly, and really appreciate your patience and understanding.

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