Summer Reads and Q&A

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It's been a while since our last big update post, so here we are! Let's talk about the elephant, er, cowboy in the room: Big Sky Country: Book 2's launch has been delayed (more on that here). We apologize for the wait, and we're really thankful that you all have been so understanding about it. 

That being said, here's the new launch date: July 27th. Mark your calendars for your reunion with Dallas, Juliette, Sawyer, and Asha! And of course, keep a keen eye out for more sneak peeks of Bachelorette Party! 

Missing your regency romance? Desire & Decorum: Book 3 will be back in August with more fan-twirling decorum and scandalous ankle flashing! Also premiering this August: Get married on live TV in America's Most Eligible: Book 3! We're talking a whole new level of drama and romance.

In case you missed it... The Royal Heir is out as of last week! Many of you asked for more chapters on different days of the week, so we're giving that a whirl with our first ever Saturday book! Be sure to tune in on Saturdays for your next Cordonian adventure. And don't forget to check out our other June releases: Sunkissed and Red Carpet Diaries! 

If you can't tell, we're pretty darn hyped for what's coming out this summer and beyond. For hints, regular ol' updates, and your questions answered, keep reading: 

Any news on Open Heart: Book 2? 

Open Heart: Book 2 is a work-in-progress right now! While we're on the topic: Ride-or-die: Book 2, and HSS: Class Act Book 3 are also in the works. It's currently still early days for these three books, so we won't have news for you for a while -- but we'll let you know first thing when we do! That's a promise. 

Are there any books with male and female MC options coming up?

Yes! We know there's been quite a few books lately starring a heroine main character, but don't worry, we have books with more main character gender options on the way as well. We really appreciate your feedback now and always, so don't hesitate to reach out -- whether it's about book genres, main character options, or new features you want to see! 

What Choices book do players like the most? 

Hmm, that depends on who you ask! Some might say The Royal Romance is their absolute fave, while others might cite books like Endless Summer or Red Carpet Diaries. We've got a pretty wide variety of books on the Choices shelves, and it's super fun seeing what different readers are into. What's your cup of tea may not be someone else's, and vice versa. If there's a specific book you're loving, it's guaranteed that you're not alone! 

Are we going to have more chapters on different days?

Yeah, that's absolutely a thing now. We might even have a book launching on Sunday in the future... 

Why did the Nightbound cover change?

So about that... To be honest, Nightbound hasn't reached as wide an audience as we'd hoped. We're experimenting with a different look to see if we can reach more readers. That doesn't mean the story itself -- and all the characters you love -- are changing. Every Choices book is a labor of love, so we want to give this one a fighting chance. And not to get repetitive but: Your feedback is always welcome! Seriously, just reach out.

Can you tell us anything about ____ in The Royal Heir?

Nooope. Sorry! We can't give away spoilers for upcoming chapters. But trust me, this book is filled with romance and mystery and plenty of twists. I got the lowdown from the team, and you're in for a ton of fun.

Is The Royal Heir going to be a series?

Well... the cat's out of the bag on that one already! Before the title was unveiled, we referred to it as the "new, follow-up series" -- so yeah, it's safe to say it will be a series. 

Have you guys ever thought about expanding The Crown & The Flame universe? 

The Royal Romance is actually in the same universe! (See previous Inside Choices blogs for some clues to the TRR and TC&TF connection.) And yeah, we've thought about it. Can't say anything else for now! That's classified. 

Who came up with the songs in Platinum?

A few writers from The Freshman and America's Most Eligible teams lent a hand with the lyrics, and our music producer led the music direction! Every Choices book, Platinum included, is a massive collaborative effort between a wide range of writers, artists, producers, devs, QA team members, and more. As for the actual music production for this specific book, we partnered with the music studio The Noise Distillery!

Are you working on any new game features? What about game features for Diamond and Keys?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: We're working on new and different ways to improve the Choices experience, and we're super thankful to all of you for your patience as we figure things out. Look out for some changes in the future!

What's a genre you haven't gotten a chance to explore yet? What's the next genre you're working on? 

Ooh, this is a fun one. There's a ton of genres out there that we'd love to explore (or are exploring right now)! Historical fantasy, pirate adventure, the list goes on.

Will we get more horror/mystery books in the future? 

We definitely wouldn't rule out more chilling and mysterious Choices books. 

Any hints you can give for brand new books that are in the works? 

Sure! Here we go... *rolls up sleeves* Later on, you'll sail the high seas with your pirate crew, plan a few weddings, take on the challenges of motherhood, and fight for power in a Renaissance-era court. For more on all of that, well, stay tuned! 

Whew! Hope we answered a few of your burning questions today. And thank you to everyone on Twitter who took the time to send their Q's to us. And remember: You can actually ask us your questions *any time*! Just message us on Facebook, or if you need game support help, message our Support Team in-game via the Settings > Help > Message feature or email our team at

Now we want to hear from you: What books are you reading and loving right now? What future Choices books are you ready for? Share with us online! 

Here at Pixelberry, we love D&D... Dungeons & Dragons and Desire & Decorum!

Here at Pixelberry, we love D&D... Dungeons & Dragons and Desire & Decorum!