Unspoken Bonds

Our team has gone through so many things, but through it all, we’ve managed to stay together.

We first started working together at Centerscore. Vivendi acquired us and then sold us to EA. Later we started Pixelberry. Through it all we’ve been one core team, adding people along the way, each one making us stronger.

We’ve been through hardships, like seeing each other get laid off in bits and pieces at EA or voting to take pay cuts to ship a better Choices.

We’ve also been innovators, launching Surviving High School, the first story game for mobile in 2005.

We’ve seen successes, like cheering when High School Story broke into the Top 10 and saving lives with Cybersmile.

But our most enduring results have been in the friendships and relationships that have formed from the team, including two couples meeting and getting married.

Not every day is happy. We go through our fair share of arguments and serious conversations. But the one thing I can rely on, especially when life outside of work is filled with death, illness, and other no good, horrible things, is knowing that when I go to work, there is a team I can rely on -- with people who care about me, people with whom I share experiences that bind us together in unspoken ways.

For all of that, thank you team.