Key Problems

We were excited to push out yesterday’s new update with The Freshman’s Halloween themed story. But somehow in that update we introduced a new problem. At times, but not always, the start of a new chapter will use two keys instead of one. Somehow the game is sending start chapter / end chapter / start chapter commands all at once when it should only be sending one start chapter command.

Our developers have been rushing to isolate the problem. While they are trying to find the cause, they’ve also identified 3 different “band aid” fixes. They are working to implement all of them right now.

  1. Our developers are going to disable game state compression. They think the introduction of smaller save files in this update may have caused this problem.
  2. They are going to modify our server code so that any quick sequence of start chapter / end chapter occurs, it will be ignored.
  3. They are also going to create a client fix to correctly handle any error calls the server sends that relates to this problem.

Thanks for your patience as we work quickly to solve this problem. We’ll update this blog as we have more information.