Home for the Holidays

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It's the holiday season! Here at Pixelberry, the holiday season is about spending time with your loved ones, hot cocoa (with marshmallows!), and new Choices books! The Sophomore came out last week, but we've still got more on the way! Get into the holiday spirit with Home for the Holidays, a heartwarming tale of family, love, and hometown charm. To learn about this wintry tale, keep reading...

First of all, what's Home for the Holidays all about?

Megan: It's about the fun, and romance, of going home to a small town for the holiday season!

Home for the Holidays is as much about family as it is about romance. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Megan: When we started brainstorming, we knew we wanted there to be a strong family element to it to go along with the holiday themes. For so many of us here at Pixelberry, the holiday season is all about spending time with your family. So even though there's a heavy romantic element (and of course, several love interests to choose from), we wanted to make sure the Joy family was a central part of the story.

Cat: Your adopted mom and brother are important characters in Home for the Holidays. Throughout the story, you have a ton of really sweet moments with your family, and you also get the chance to play matchmaker for them.

What was your favorite part of writing Home for the Holidays? What did you consider the most challenging?

Megan: It's basically impossible for me to choose one favorite part of writing this story - I enjoyed all of it! But if I had to choose... I have a soft spot for writing the Scarlett/ Dylan sibling relationship. As someone who grew up in SoCal (and never went skiing or snowboarding or anything), the biggest challenge for me was writing about snow!

Cat: I grew up in a small town and then moved to ~the big city~ for college, so the book's setting felt really familiar for me. I had a ton of fun writing the quirky side characters, and the interactions between you and your love interests are really unique and fun.

This is a holiday-themed book, so I've gotta ask. What do the holidays mean to you?

Megan: I love the holidays. We always get together with my extended family and do a big gift exchange, eat a giant meal together, the works. Especially now that my cousins and siblings have grown older and moved away, the holidays are the one time of year we all make a point of coming home to see each other. Plus my three-year-old nieces insist on calling the garland "garlic", so it's endlessly entertaining.

Cat: This is the Hallmark answer, but for me, the holidays are all about family. Plus holiday movie marathons!

Finally... hot cocoa or eggnog?

Megan: Between those two, hot cocoa. But my favorite holiday drink is a peppermint mocha. :)

Cat: Hot cocoa!

To those reading along, have you checked out Home for the Holidays yet? We at Pixelberry are so grateful that, through these new books, we get to celebrate the holidays with all of you. (Plus, more new books are coming soon!) This season, we hope you get to spend time with your loved ones, whether that's a special someone, family, or friends. Until next time...