Making a Difference

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This week, Choices is featured in the Today tab of the new App Store! iOS players can check out the post titled "Choosing to Help" here: (Please note that "Choosing to Help" discusses issues such as bullying and suicide.)

We're really excited to be featured in a story on how games can change lives and make a positive difference. At Pixelberry, our motto is "games with heart." We aim to educate, entertain, and change lives through our narrative-based mobile games: High School Story, Hollywood U, and now Choices. Previously, our team has tackled issues such as cyberbullying, eating disorders, and sexism. We've partnered in the past with Girls Who Code, Cybersmile, and the National Eating Disorders Association through our debut game High School Story.

As our team grows and we continue to create stories, we hope to tap into new ways to make a positive difference through narrative mobile games -- whether that's through diverse representation or sparking community discussions about social issues, we look forward to making that happen with all of you, our readers. Hearing from the community that has grown from our games is what motivates and inspires Team Pixelberry. Thank you so much for giving our games a chance, and we hope that today you'll ask yourself this question: How can you choose to help?

For more on our past partnerships: