#LoveHacks: Book 2

It's summer here at Pixelberry! That means ice cream breaks, duckling sightings, and new Choices books! We've got a few coming out this summer. The Royal Romance was the first of these. Endless Summer will be released around the middle of the summer. And LoveHacks: Book 2 is out now! (That's not all we have planned, but the rest remains a surprise.)

This week, I scooted on over to the other side of the office to get the lowdown from the LoveHacks team:

LoveHacks ended on quite the cliffhanger. Like, who's getting married? What?! Tell me!

Megan: No spoilers! :P You'll have to wait to find out like everyone else, but we are really excited for the wedding!

Owen: I can tell you it's not Martin and it's not Aiden. From there, you are free to use the process of elimination.

Okay, now that that's out of the way... what will LoveHacks: Book 2 be about?

Megan: At the start of Book 2, Dani is in a very unsure time in her life. She moved back to the Bay for a job she just quit, and she's trying to start a company in a city that eats startups for brunch. If that weren't enough, her love life is at a major crossroads. A lot of twenty-somethings face this kind of uncertainty, and we wanted to capture the humor of it (because sometimes the only way to deal with major life decisions is to laugh about them). Of course, Dani's not the only one facing new challenges in Book 2, and we have a lot of new stories planned, especially for Ben, Leah, and Mark.

Owen: Yup. Something happens to shake up pretty much all of the character's lives. For some of them it's work, for some of them it's dating, and for some of them perhaps a minor amount of property damage.

Ooh, can't wait to read more! So what part of Book 2 are you most excited for?

Megan: The Closet! Our artists do an amazing job with the outfits, and Dani has never looked more fashionable. Plus, if you carry over your choices from Book 1 to Book 2, you'll keep all of the outfits you purchased!

Owen: The new characters! Exclamation point! Guys, they're pretty cool. And some funny plot lines are coming along with them.  

Half the fun of LoveHacks is the revolving cast of characters and their adventures in San Francisco. Who's your favorite character to write?

Megan: I love everyone, but I think my favorite character to write is... Brooke. She's so upbeat and fun, but she can also kick your butt, literally. I also love the friendship between Brooke, Sereena, and Dani. Often the media portrays female friendships as toxic or fake, ready to fall apart at the mention of a man, but these women truly love each other and want to lift each other up. They still tease each other, of course, but in a only-I-can-say-that kinda way.

Owen: It's hard for me not to say Sereena or Cole, because they deliver some of my favorite jokes, but I think my answer is Ben. It's rare to see a "geek" in the media that isn't a nerdy caricature, so getting to write a geek that was natural and confident and charming was pretty cool. Also, it's even MORE rare to see an Asian male love interest, so TAKE THAT, MEDIA.

Give me a #LoveHack. You have five seconds. Go!

Megan: Drink lots of water. Works for both life and love. :P

Owen: Be more attractive. Lolz jk. Just be more confident. Lolz jk again. Just be yourself. That other stuff is too hard.

#Truth. Thanks for chatting! If you're reading this, I hope you're also playing the first chapter of LoveHacks: Book 2, out now!