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It's a bird... it's a plane... it's the latest Choices book! Summer has come and gone at Pixelberry, but that doesn't mean we're taking a vacation from new stories! The Choices team has been working on Hero for a while, and we're excited that we get to share it with all of you. To get the scoop on Hero, I talked to our resident superhero team...

Let's start with an introduction. What is Hero? Who is the, ahem, hero of Hero?

Keyan: Hero is the story of someone who’s granted extraordinary powers and confronted with the question of how best to use them. We’ve all dreamt of having superpowers... this story lets you decide just what kind of hero you want to be!

Hero is the first superhero story we’ve had in Choices. What has your experience been with superhero comics?

Royal: I was pretty fortunate. When I was little, my grandfather bought me The Smithsonian Guide to Comic Book Comics. I don’t think he actually understood what he was giving me, but that collection contained some of the finest comics ever printed. From the first appearance of Superman and Batman to classic EC war and horror stories. That book was a treasure -- page for page, maybe the best book on comics ever printed. From that point on, I was hooked. I’ve been reading comics voraciously ever since.

So... can I date a superhero? Asking for a friend.

Royal: Yes, you can. Turns out, you can marry one too! My wife is superhumanly kind, smart, and beautiful, so I know it’s possible.

Keyan: Come on, you don’t really think we’d write a superhero story and NOT let you date a superhero, do you? Of course, it might take you a few chapters to actually meet some of these characters...

If you could be a superhero, what would your powers be?

Royal: I already have a minor superpower. I demagnetize credit cards, and I constantly shock myself and other people. But if I could have anything... flight. Who doesn’t want to throw a bunch of clothes in a backpack and just jet away to a tropical island? So either that, or limited precognition.

Keyan: I’ll take time travel! Sure, there are all those pesky temporal paradoxes to worry about, but it’s hard to resist the appeal of traversing humanity’s past, present, and future at will. Imagine how much more value you’d get out of every vacation - instead of listening to some tour guide drone on about the Coliseum, you could just zip back through time and experience it firsthand! Hmm, maybe that’s a bad example...

Mayyybe. If you haven't already, definitely crack open your Choices app and check out Hero, available now! If you're caught up on the latest chapter, tell us who your favorite superhero so far is. Of course, the Choices team has more exciting stuff on the way for you - both in Hero, and in Choices - so keep an eye out!