What's Next

trr sneak peek.png

These last few weeks at Pixelberry HQ have been pretty exciting. The team released several finale chapters packed with romance, betrayal, and cliffhangers. It's been a real roller coaster ride to get to this point, and we've enjoyed following the Choices community reactions -- tweeted gifs, Tumblr fanart, Instagram comments, and lively Facebook discussions.

After all that, what's next? The Choices team has quite a bit planned for the coming months. Books like The Sophomore will continue updating, as usual. Endless Summer: Book 3 is currently on break, but will return in a few weeks. Right now, the Endless Summer team is working around the clock to make the trilogy's finale book as epic and mind-blowing as possible. 

Plus, Book 3 of High School Story and The Royal Romance are in the works. (Check out the sneak peek for TRR above!) Each of the book teams have awesome new characters and storylines planned. (I already have a new fave character in High School Story!) Both series will resume in March. In the meantime, be on the lookout for behind-the-scenes posts and sneak peeks!

As for Hero, It Lives, and Most Wanted -- Hero: Book 2 is also in the works, but we don't have a set release date for it yet. Most Wanted will return as well, but remains on hiatus for now. And as players who have completed It Lives in the Woods know, It Lives will live again (eek!). We'll post on social media when we have more news about these series.

We've also got totally new books in the pipeline! Perfect Match will be coming out at the end of February, and Bloodbound around April. One of the things the team has been working on for Choices is more books that let you choose the main character's gender and a broader range of love interests. Perfect Match will include both of those as part of its storyline: Finding your true love through matchmaking, but with a mysterious twist. Bloodbound will feature a heroine who must navigate the dark world of elite New York City vampires and uncover a vast and terrifying conspiracy. Love interests in Bloodbound will range from your adorably nerdy best friend to an ancient vampire queen as powerful as she is dangerous, and more.

Along with continuing fan-favorite romance titles, we hope to expand our library to include more genres than ever before. We're exploring sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, and many others. What genres do you want to see in Choices? Let us know!

Our other big goal this year is to further improve the quality-of-life gameplay in Choices for all players. During the last few months, we've implemented new features such as book Pins and a chapter countdown timer. In addition, we've introduced trial runs for other new features, such as Chat Stories, Key subscriptions, and watching ads for Diamonds. The feedback and results haven’t been too positive yet, but we’ll keep working to refine things so that hopefully we’ll be able to release some of these new features over time to everyone.

With new books on deck, we want to hear from you. What are you looking forward to? What do you want to see more of? Message us on Facebook or tweet us your thoughts! For game support, please contact us within the Choices game or contact us on our site -- these are the best ways for us to connect with you and help troubleshoot! 

To those who have made it this far: Thanks for reading! We hope you're as excited for what's next in Choices as we are!