Perfect Match

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Can true love really be guaranteed? Find out with the Eros matchmaking service in the newest Choices book, Perfect Match! You'll meet your perfect match (or maybe someone else!), but the course of true love never did run smooth... For a behind-the-scenes look with the writers, read on:

First off, let's do an introduction. What is Perfect Match about?

Coco: In this day and age, online dating apps are so common! Getting set up with someone can be an unexpected adventure in and of itself. We wanted to take that idea — the adrenaline, the uncertainty, the rush of getting to know someone new — and explore it more in the context of a very tailored matchmaking service. What happens when you get what you want… or what you think you want? How do we change from the profiles and labels we’ve given ourselves? This story felt like a good opportunity to explore identity in a way that’s modern and familiar... but maybe has a few surprises along the way.

Owen: Yeah, and at some point there may be a cute dog.

How did you come up with the story behind Perfect Match?

Coco: Max came up with the concept around spring of last year when The Royal Romance first launched. He saw how much our fans loved the “Pick Your Prince” feature and thought we could expand on that further. I had so much fun brainstorming with the team! I remember writing really frantically (and messily) across many whiteboards. We knew mainly that we wanted to create a personality quiz to find your perfect match. One of my favorite parts was coming up with the types of matches and comparing results with everyone in the office.

Owen: The story of this book takes a really interesting turn (or turns?). And it was a lot of fun plotting it out. There may or may not be a twist involved at some point, and let me just say, it's not what you expect... Unless it is! But it's not. OR IS IT?!

In Choices, the team is working to expand the library to include different genres, storytelling styles, gameplay features, and more. What makes Perfect Match unique?

Owen: The Perfect Match Quiz is different from anything we've done so far. Our team wrote a pool of questions, and we've randomized it so that every player sees a different set of questions. And the result you get will change the scenes that you see! If your perfect match is a Champion, you'll read different dialogue than if you're matched with a Pioneer...

Coco: You can also select your love interest's gender and appearance, as well as your own. If you're looking for something more, your match can be narrowed down to those with special skills or hobbies, such as a musician. We hope that this makes the story feel like a personalized experience.

Perfect Match is all about finding that, well, perfect match. Who can you date in this book? (Some spoilers ahead...)

Jaylee: Well, besides your perfect match, who is the ideal date for you (according to Science!), there are two others: Damien is the guy you've known for years. He's got a rough past, but he always has your back... when you aren't picking on each other. Then there's Sloane, the adorable nerdy girl you just met. She's brilliant and can hack into anything, but doesn't know what to do with her hands when she talks. And of course, your Perfect Match has a unique perspective and voice that I love.

Do you believe your perfect match exists IRL?

Natasha: As a Disney geek, I’m a sucker for the idea of a Happily Ever After. Maybe you meet a number of ‘matches’ throughout your life, some more compatible than others. That doesn’t mean they can’t become your perfect match with timing, effort, chemistry and... pixie dust? Basically, it's up to you to decide who you want to build a life with. Or maybe you're just happier adopting a bunch of dogs! People are so different and complex.

Food for thought. Now, a question for our readers: Who is your Perfect Match type in Choices? Let us know!