Passport to Romance

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Ever dreamt of traveling across Europe? Fall in love with what the world has to offer... and maybe meet a special someone along the way! Have it all in Passport to Romance, out now in Choices! Before the book took off, we checked in with the team for a quick chat:

Give us the grand tour! What's Passport to Romance all about?

Max: Passport to Romance is a chance for our players to experience a fun-filled European adventure full of romance and sight-seeing... without the 11-hour plane ride.

What's different about Passport to Romance? What are you excited for our Choices readers to encounter?

Eshani: I’m excited for our follower system! Our main character is doing a livestream/blog in this story, and you get to make choices that affect what goes on the blog—which eventually affects the number of followers the blog has! The more followers, the more bonus scenes you get throughout the book!

Max: When we brainstormed this book, a lot of the ideas came from the question: If you were vacationing in Europe, what would you WANT to happen? Believe me when I say that this will be the journey of a lifetime!

Love (and lasting friendship!) is in the air. Can you share a little bit about who we'll be exploring Europe with?

Eshani: We've got a fun cast of characters that accompany you on your trip! There's Ahmed, who's playful and athletic and just trying to figure out how to be true to himself in the face of his fame. And there's Marisa and Sumire, your roomies. Marisa is a bit of a party girl who always has your back, while Sumire is a total sweetheart working on gaining confidence in her artistic talents. Finally, there's Elliot, the witty Brit you run into on your first flight...

Danica: You’ll be exploring with friends and that’s what makes travelling fun! It’ll be a blast to explore Europe with friends like Sumire, Ahmed, Marisa, and Elliot!

Have you travelled the world before? Where? And what did you love about it? Got any travel tips for our readers?

Eshani: I really love to travel, because there’s so much of the world to see and experience, and it helps you broaden your experience. One of my tips is to figure out what kind of traveler you are! Are you into walking cities or hiking jungles? If you’re a planner, be sure to get your itinerary in tip-top shape beforehand. If you’re not, allow yourself to go with the flow. Do travel your way, not the way others say you should.

Danica: I traveled once to Cambodia, and it’s definitely different from the States. I loved sightseeing and hiking to different temples. Just enjoy your time in another country and don't rush things. Be stress-free as much as you can!

Pack your bags and check in for your flight to the City of Lights! If you haven't played Passport to Romance already, we hope you'll give it a read! Next up in Choices... Wishful Thinking, Nightbound, Bloodbound, and more! Happy travels!