Summer Reads and More


This past week, you hopped on a flight to Paris in Passport to Romance... and that's just the start! There's more on the way in Choices, and this is your chance to check out what's new:

Up next... Wishful Thinking and Nightbound! Sneak peeks will go live sooner than you think, so keep an eye out. In case you missed it, here's the lowdown on these two books: In Wishful Thinking, your heroine is an aspiring reporter with a knack for reading minds. What does this mean for your life and your career? Find out in this all-new Choices book!

In Nightbound, you'll step into the world of the supernatural and encounter monsters, the fae, werewolves, you name it! But beware, nothing is as it seems... As promised, you can play as a male or female main character in Nightbound.  

If you've been following along online, then you know that late spring means two things: More of A Courtesan of Rome and Book 2 of Bloodbound! A Courtesan of Rome will pick back up after its hiatus with a few finale chapters wrapping up your role in making history...

acor sneak peek.png

Bloodbound: Book 2 returns with new mysteries, old enemies, and a thrilling adventure that'll unearth the dark, alluring history of vampires. (And just to be clear since there's been some confusion, Bloodbound: Book 2 is a separate book from the spin-off book Nightbound!)

bloodbound sneak peek.png

We've got quite a few summer books in the works as well! Travel to your family's old beach town and find summer love in Sunkissed... and sing your heart out on your path to fame in Platinum! And of course, head back to Hollywood and Montana in Red Carpet Diaries: Book 3 and Big Sky Country: Book 2, all launching this summer! Your next epic fantasy adventure might just be around the corner, too...

Finally, head back to Cordonia this summer in the follow-up series to The Royal Romance! This new series will answer a few unanswered mysteries from the first series, and tackle the big question of any romance: What comes after happily ever after?

So there's your sneak peek of what's coming up this spring and summer! What books are you looking forward to? What current books have you been loving? If you like these early Choices previews, let us know!