Summer Updates and Answers

Summer's just around the corner for us here at Pixelberry, and you know what that means... Vampires, royalty, and that glam celeb life! At least, that's what it means for Choices.

In case you missed it, Bloodbound: Book 2 will make its vampiric return on May 17th! (Check out the cover reveal here.) We know it's been quite a while, but we promise, it's worth the wait. A Courtesan of Rome will also pick back up on May 22nd with its finale chapters. And we can't forget your journey to pop star fame in Platinum, out later this month.

What's coming up in June? Wellll... Red Carpet Diaries: Book 3 (Cosplay! A near-death experience! And a wedding!) for one. And the Royal Heir will debut in June, too.

That's not all for the summer! Head back to the ranch in Big Sky Country: Book 2... Experience summer love and reconnect with your roots when you return to the beach town where you grew up, all in Sunkissed... And party it up in Vegas with your girl crew in Bachelorette Party!


Since it's been a while since our last Q&A here on Inside Choices, we thought we'd do another one. Here are a few of your questions answered:

Will there be a Book 2 for Ride-or-die? What about Open Heart?

First of all, thanks so much for reading these two books! If you haven't caught Ride-or-die's finale earlier today, we hope you'll check that out. Book 2 of Ride-or-die is in the works, but it's still in early stages right now, and won't be out for a while. As soon as we can tell you more, we will. As always, follow us on social media to get the latest!

As for Open Heart... We can't say anything yet! When a book is currently updating, we generally can't give out info on potential future books. Just FYI.

Is there going to be a Book 3 for Desire & Decorum? America's Most Eligible?

Yes, and yes! Those books are a work-in-progress. When we've got news for you, we'll let you know ASAP. That's a promise.

Why is character art getting reused in Nightbound and Wishful Thinking?

It comes down to resources. There are so many stories we'd love to tell, but we just can't do all of them without using our resources strategically. Of course, that doesn't mean we don't hear your feedback, and we're always looking for ways to improve our books.

Why are there female-only main player characters in some books?

This is something we've talked about in previous Inside Choices posts! (Definitely check out our past Q&A posts if you haven't already.) As mentioned above, it's sometimes due to resource constraints, and other times, it's because it fits the story and setting. At the same time, we've got more books brewing with more gender options... and character options. (If you've read our latest Choices Insiders email, you'll know what this is about.)

Any info on the next fantasy adventure book?

Speaking of the Choices Insiders email... check it out for a very early sneak peek for that! This upcoming fantasy epic is like nothing you've seen in Choices before, with more character options and a skills system that will redefine how you play Choices.

And in case you haven't done this already, sign up for our Choices Insiders email list here: Be sure to confirm your subscription via the confirmation email, which might land in your spam mail, so look out for that. Sign up now to get our June edition with even more sneak peeks of what's to come!

What's happening with the ad rewards? Why aren't they working?

Sorry about this! As some of you know, Choices has been experiencing some ad reward issues for the last month or so. Our team has been working non-stop to get it resolved, but it's taking a while, for which we apologize. The ad rewards feature is one that we've been really excited to release to all of you, so we want to get this fixed ASAP. We're hoping to resolve it in a future update, and will keep you all in the loop.

Can you tell us more about The Royal Heir?

We got the lowdown from The Royal Heir team just for you all, so yes. Yes, we can. In The Royal Heir, you'll go on your honeymoon, attend Bertrand and Savannah's wedding, and get a peek into Cordonian history... Seriously, you're not ready. Here's a lil sneak peek:

TRH Inside Choices sneak peek.png

Hope this blog post answered a few of your burning questions. Pro-tip: You can always message us on Facebook or contact our Support Team in-app to get more general questions answered, or get help with game issues. Your positive messages (and corgi pictures! OMG!) always make our day, and we love hearing from you. Until next time...