Wishful Thinking

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Breaking news! Wishful Thinking is about to hit the Choices shelves. But before that happens, let's chat with the writing team for a sneak preview of what to expect in this quirky romcom:

What's the scoop on Wishful Thinking?

Saran: Our protagonist is trying to fulfill her dream of being a reporter, but when an accident gives her mind-reading abilities, she discovers what that can mean for her life and career. Most of us have wondered what other people are thinking at some point or another, so we wanted to explore the pros and cons of what would happen if you could actually do that. At its heart, this book is about learning to be confident in your own skin, but there are plenty of laughs (and loooove) along the way!

It looks like Wishful Thinking has a little of everything. What genre would you say it is?

Saran: At its core, I’d say it’s a romcom, but there are also elements of magical realism mixed in! We wanted to create a story that’s a little absurd and satirical in places, but still has tender, moving moments. Hopefully there’ll be a little something for everyone!

Time to address the emu in the room: Why are there emus on the cover? (Of course, no spoilers!)

Saran: I’m a big wildlife enthusiast, so putting a bunch of animals in this book was simply inevitable. Plus, I love Australia (shoutout to our Aussie fans!), and I’m thrilled that we got to include such an iconic critter (although I will confirm, regretfully, that our book does not take place down under). There’s not a lot I can tell you about the emus without spoiling the plot, but let’s just say that as a reporter, you’ll end up covering some pretty wild stories ;)

Shayn: We're definitely going for a quirky romantic comedy with a dash of magic and mystery! Even with all the drama you run into, we keep it entertaining, so this could definitely be a happy place read.

What was your favorite part of brainstorming and writing Wishful Thinking?

Saran: I had a lot of fun coming up with wacky news stories for players to investigate. I think it gave us the chance to explore some uniquely strange scenarios! Also, it should go without saying that getting to write the emu parts have been the highlight of my writing career, and possibly my entire life.

Kathleen: I always love the writing challenge of taking the default world and changing one little thing about it, then seeing what effects ripple out from there. Giving one person the ability to read minds can have some pretty wide-reaching consequences, as you’ll soon find out!

If you could read minds, what would you do with your newfound powers?

Saran: I would definitely use it exclusively to figure out why my roommate’s cats are meowing at 2am. Are they hungry? Do they want belly rubs? Do they, and they alone, see spirits of the departed floating forlornly around our apartment? I’m afraid I’ll never know.

Shayn: I'd learn martial arts, get myself a unitard, come up with a catchy superhero name, and get to saving the world!

John: If I had mind-reading powers, I would use them to read the minds of plants and find out once and for all if playing music helps them grow faster. I sure hope my succulent likes ABBA.

Kathleen: I want to say “fight crime” but honestly I would probably just go around making sure that every single dog knows how good they are.

Glad you're using your powers for good! Readers, tune in Monday for Wishful Thinking. And of course, watch out for sneak peeks of Nightbound, Bloodbound, and more! Can't wait to share what's new in Choices with all of you. Have an excellent weekend!