1001 and Pixelberry

Hey everyone! We’ve got a small announcement to make now that this is gaining more attention…

Pixelberry is now working with the upcoming app 1001 to produce adaptations of our properties for Chinese audience. This product will be officially released soon and we are very proud to bring our stories to new friends!

We consider our original Choices books to be the definitive versions. As an interactive-story app operated in China, 1001 will make changes and adaptations for the content released on their platform. These adaptations should be thought of as “inspired by” adaptations for the Chinese market, not straight ports.

We pursued this opportunity with 1001 because it gave us the chance to expand the stories you love to a new audience with a partner who understands their own market best. Along the way, we generated some cool new features that we hope to bring back to Choices.

And that’s pretty much it! This is an official partnership but at Pixelberry, our primary focus is on Choices, just like always!