Saving the Date

save the date blog image.png

Mark your calendars for... Save the Date, a new Choices book where you'll be delving into the drama and joys of wedding planning! Leave your old job behind to make wedding dreams come true for rockers, zookeepers, and even Ren Faire-goers! Anything can happen, so let the wedding planning begin!

In other news: Platinum is currently on a mid-season break. Don't worry, you'll be back to singing your heart out soon. And America’s Most Eligible: Book 3's launch date is now in September. We're moving things around in our fall and winter schedule, and we want to make sure America's Most Eligible has time to shine -- and that you have an awesome, Choices-filled next few months. Follow along on our social media pages to get the latest news!

Finally... it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Continue your regency romance in Desire & Decorum: Book 3, launching this Sunday!


Aye, but that's not all! There's more to come in the second half of 2019, including a new adventure on the high seas. Here's a lil extra early sneak peek for y'all: 

distant shores sneak peek.png

That's it for now! As always, message us on Facebook or comment on social media to get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you -- seriously. Have a lovely, Desire & Decorum-ful weekend!