Diamond Rewards and Key Timers


Hi everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that your end of chapter rewards, featured page, browse page, and/or rewards page may have changed. Here's why that is:

We're always testing different aspects of Choices to give our players (you!) the best experience. While most changes eventually filter out to the community as a whole, we generally try to leave new players with the same diamond rewards and key timers that they started out with, because we think that's the least disruptive.

Recently, we hit a snag. 

We're working on some cool new features that will offer more diamond rewards and maybe even unlimited chapter plays. While working on the designs, we realized that we couldn't actually test them because of the many, many pre-existing tests. (Some of the tests go back to early 2017!)

As a consequence, we've had to consolidate most players into the majority experience. Obviously, this rollout hasn't been as seamless as we'd like. This is mostly due to some technological constraints that caught us off guard, but we also recognize that we could've done a better job communicating the changes to the community. We're sorry about that.

As of now, most players should be seeing (or should be seeing soon):

  • 3 hour key timers

  • 2 diamond chapter rewards

  • 22 hour reward timers (Free, Ad, Ad, Ad -- for 5 bonus diamonds total per 22 hours)

Thank you for your patience while we get this sorted out. Unraveling all of the existing test groups has been tough.

Lastly, later this year, some players may start seeing those cool new features I mentioned earlier. We really hope they work out. If they work, we'll be able to open up the Choices platform to new genres and new types of stories, as well as more of your current favorites.

Thank you for playing!