The Royal Masquerade

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Can't get enough of Cordonia? Well, you're in luck! Later this year, we'll be launching a new story in The Royal Romance universe... The Royal Masquerade is all about making alliances, finding love, and navigating the cutthroat court life of Renaissance-era Cordonia. 

From The Royal Masquerade writers: "Our fans have always wondered how the Cordonia of The Crown & The Flame became the Cordonia of The Royal Romance. We're beyond excited to finally let YOU shape that story by courting various suitors and hanging out with your favorite characters' ancestors and descendants. We've even got a dog in a hat for you, so get excited!"

What else is coming up? Well... Broadcast your love as you tie the knot in America's Most Eligible: Book 3, premiering September 18th! And while we're on the subject, mark your calendars for Save the Date, also launching this September! Look out for some sneak peeks very, very soon…                 

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And later this fall, head back to Berry High and reunite with Rory, Skye, Ajay, and the rest of the crew in High School Story: Class Act, Book 3!

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In case you haven't heard, Bloodbound: Book 3 and Open Heart: Book 2 will be out later this year. We'll have more details for you in the upcoming months, so keep an eye out! 

Last but certainly not least, Distant Shores and Blades of Light and Shadow are also in the works! To learn more about these two Choices adventures, read our anniversary blog post here. What books are you reading and loving right now? Let us know online! And best of luck to everyone heading back to school this month! Talk to you all later!